Wire Harness Manufacturing

No two harnesses are alike. Whether it is a simple 4 wire harness for a power supply, a complex medical robot harness or a complex 30 feet harness for an ambulance,  expect all our wire harnesses to be built with the same quality and attention to detail.

“Wire harnesses, is like the vast network of nerves in our body that enables us to touch, feel, hear, walk, talk, and do complex things. Wire harnesses allows machines and equipment to move and do complex things.”

- Jason Rampersaud -

Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Made from quality materials, our cable assemblies are suitable for many applications including the military, oilfield electronics, and healthcare industries.

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

Our assemblies are critical when electronic and mechanical components are required, like in hospital sanitation robots. Regardless of your requirement, we can provide a turnkey solution for any project.

Molded Assemblies & M8/M12 Cord Sets

Manufactured in our USA and China locations, our assemblies see use in both digital media and industrial applications. Our M8/M12 connector systems are critical in factory and process automation.

“Powersonic M8/M12 Connector System for machine industrial automation and control applications provides a reliable and safe solution, for the increasing needs of sensor connections in industrial automation and communications. ”

- Jason Rampersaud -

Control Panel Assembly and Wiring Solutions

No more labour-intensive tracing, routing, cutting, drilling, or tapping. Our electrical panel layout, wiring and assembly solutions reduce cost, save space, and meet all regulatory standards.

Fiber Optics

For customers, having quality fiber optic cables is of utmost importance. Damaged or faulty cables can often mean costly repairs and network downtime. We are able to create a variety of different cables, all with the same quality you expect from Powersonic.

“There are many factors that make fiber optic cables the optimal choice for network connectivity. It ease to make data transfers smoother and faster, providing a lasting and durable solution to connectivity, and at the same time, providing a reliable and flexible solution.”

- Jason Rampersaud -