Powersonic 36000 sqft Facility in West Chester Cincinatti has the capability for R&D, prototype and manufacturing of wire harnesses, cables assemblies (including over molding) and controls panels. It is also is home to leadership for North American Operations, Quality and Sales.


Powersonic new 26000 sqft facility in Juarez, less than 30 minutes from El Paso is home to our complex formboard harnessing and specialty products operations for North America.


Powersonic Slovakia primary focus on discrete wire harness, cables assemblies and electromechanical assemblies. Powersonic SRO also plays a key role in sourcing and logistics of European made products for all global operations.


Powersonic India core focus is wire harness, cable assemblies & global technical support services in IT and project management.


Powersonic core focus in China is cable assemblies, molded assemblies, wire harnesses and new product development.


Powersonic Canada is the global HQ for all Powersonic companies which provides all the related administration services. The manufacturing in Canada is focused on wire harness, cable assemblies and electromechanical assemblies.