Zane Rampersaud started in operations at Powersonic USA in 2012. He is currently VP of Asian Operations.

Zane Rampersaud

Zane Rampersaud started in operations at Powersonic USA in 2012. As a high schooler, he worked for several years on and off with Powersonic Canada. Learning the business from the ground up, Zane was involved in the founding of Powersonic India and China. He attended Humber College in Ontario for business and completed almost two years. He decided to leave and jump on board with our USA operations when he had the chance.

As a young entrepreneur, Zane has built himself up with many successful milestones thus far. He has given himself a courageous head start into leading a global company. He enjoys reading and attended several Dale Carnegie management and leadership courses to develop his business mindset and creativity.

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