About Infor VISUAL:

Infor VISUAL, a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed with manufacturing in mind.

VISUAL quickly converts customer requirements into manufacturing requirements and then executes them efficiently. Lean concepts eliminate redundant or wasteful steps that users may be forced to go through with other manufacturing software.

True to its name, Infor VISUAL provides a compelling visual presentation that shows how each part of the manufacturing process relates to the other parts-helping to resolve bottlenecks, schedule effectively, and price jobs accurately.

“Our primary objective was to implement an industry tested solution that will forecast workload as well as provide automatic shop floor feedback. VISUAL’s graphical depiction of a work order (routing and BOM) is not only uniquely suited for our custom manufacturing, it is very intuitive and user friendly. In addition, VISUAL will provide us easy access to operations data, allowing us to instantly retrieve any historical information” said Jason Rampersaud, President, Powersonic Inc.

About POWERsonic Industries:

Powersonic Industries Inc. is a global contract wire harness/cable assembly/electromechanical assembly/control manufacturer and components distributor HQ in Bolton, Ontario, Canada with operations in USA, China & India.