Hi, I’m Ajay Bhattnagar. I’m the quality specialist at POWERsonic USA.

At POWERsonic, one of our core values has always been innovation. We have never just been satisfied with the way things are; we want to make them better. One of the key targets of this innovation initiative is our manufacturing division.

As a company, the need to accurately schedule and track our jobs is critical to our success. Not only does this help decrease inefficiencies, but it also allows us to pass any resulting cost savings along to our customers. In pursuit of this initiative, our team had the idea of implementing a barcoding system at each workstation – dramatically increasing our manufacturing performance. 

Setting out, we had several requirements for the system. It had to work with our existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform, automatically creating barcodes for every workstation, employee, and job. We also wanted a system that allowed us to scan jobs at any workstation and access a record of the information.

Through exploring several options, we determined that Gigatrack was our best option. It works similar to an ERP system, allowing a user to scan in through their badge, workstation, or job ID. Gigatrak has a few advantages over its competitors. Most important amongst these benefits its ability to record data using a mobile website that we can access over the intranet.

The main challenge was to make our ERP software interact with Gigatrak, automatically creating job numbers on the server. We achieved this by using a spreadsheet and some extensive coding. Later, we put in place a standard operating procedure e that described how to scan in the jobs and scanning them out when the operation place in completed, thereby reducing the possibility for user error.

This was an exciting project for both POWERsonic and I. I’d like to give extra thanks to Phil Mam, Anthony Castleman, and Ralph Rampersaud, without whom this project would never have been possible. Should you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach me at ajayb@powersonic.net .