Fiber Optics

For customers like telecommunications companies, having quality fibre optic cables is of utmost importance. Damaged or faulty cables can often mean costly repairs and network downtime. We are able to create a variety of different cables, all with the same quality you expect from POWERsonic.


  • PC-M2-ST/ST- Multi-mode/2cores/ST-ST, Orange
  • PC-M2-ST/SC- Multi-mode/2cores/ST-SC, Orange
  • PC-M2-SC-SC- Multi-mode/2cores/SC-SC, Orange
  • PC-S2-ST/ST- Single-mode/2cores/ST-ST, Yellow
  • PC-S2-SC/SC- Single-mode/2cores/SC-SC, Yellow
  • PC-S2-ST/SC- Single-mode/2cores/ST-SC, Yellow
  • PC-M2-LC/ST- Mingle-mode/2cores/SC-SC, Orange
  • PC-M2-LC/SC- Mingle-mode/2cores/SC-SC, Orange
  • PC-S2-LC/ST- Single-mode/2cores/SC-SC, Yellow
  • PC-S2-LC/SC- Single-mode/2cores/SC-SC, Yellow
  • PC-M2-FC/ST- Mingle-mode/2cores/SC-SC, Orange
  • PC-M2-FC/SC-: Mingle-mode/2cores/SC-SC, Orange
  • PC-S2-FC/ST- Single-mode/2cores/SC-SC, Yellow
  • PC-S2-FC/SC- Single-mode/2cores/SC-SC, Yellow
  • PC-M2-MTRJ/ST- Multi-mode/2cores/MTRJ-ST, Orange
  • PC-M2-MTRJ/SC- Multi-mode/2cores/MTRJ-SC, Orange
  • PC-S2-MTRJ/ST- Single-mode/2cores/MTRJ-ST, Yellow
  • PC-S2-MTRJ/SC- Single-mode/2cores/MTRJ-SC, Yellow

We also do custom lengths. To order, add the length of the cable to the part number (e.g. 5M).