Hello POWERsonic Family! As we participate in holiday festivities with our friends, family, and loved ones, our thoughts turn towards the word LEGACY. We regularly find ourselves asking each other the question “how will we be remembered by those we come across?”

The definition of legacy mentions it is “something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor.” While this often involves material possessions, a real legacy lies within the intangibles and is the heritage that moves us into fostering good within our organization, the community, and the world. For us, a real and lasting legacy is fostering a culture of giving – giving so that others may also give, sending a ripple of gratitude throughout our communities.

Whether they are peers, colleagues, supervisors, staff, customers, suppliers, or clients, the message is the same: be real, humble, and kind. Giving can come in many forms, but the effect is the same so long as it comes from the warmth of your heart, with a gleam in your eye, and a bright smile on your face. Many thanks to our employees, customers, and suppliers globally. We hope this holiday season brings as much joy to you as you have graciously given to us.


Jason & Romeena