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Hi, I’m Jason Rampersaud.


In 1996, POWERsonic began life as CSQ Products (Customer Service & Quality). From humble beginnings in my home, our company was born from a need for quality products and on-time delivery.

I remember working the 12-16 hour days alongside Romeena (my best friend and partner) while raising our three young children. In those days we did everything – including the delivery of our products directly to our customers’ doors.

We have endured many challenges and expansions over 21 years. We still serve many of our original customers, and have several of our original employees. Today, we have grown to become a globally recognized brand for wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, connectivity, and control solutions.

To this day, our belief remains the same as it was when we first began. We uphold the same virtues across each of our locations: proactive customer service, quality, and on-time delivery. Our focus is still establishing trust with our customers through clear, tangible results.

Whether through our full-service manufacturing or value-added support services, I invite you to expect the same flexibility, agility, quality, and speed from us – every time.


Our Vision

To Be The Most Trusted And Preferred Brand For Connectivity, Wire Harness, Cable Assembly, And Controls – Powersonic, A Connected World.

Our Mission

To Create A Vibrant Workplace Environment With Skilled And Committed Employees, Using Leading Technologies To Sustainably Provide Outstanding Products And Services With A Focus On Operational Excellence.



With locations in Canada, the United States, Guyana, Europe, India, and China, we are able to provide our customers with an advantage unlike any other. Large or small, locally or abroad, we are able to source, supply, and stock products to meet any need.





Jason Rampersaud

Jason is our President & CEO. Professionally, he has formal training in environmental health science, military science, and management. Jason, who is mostly self-taught, is permanently enrolled in the school of continuous improvement. His specialties include entrepreneurship, new startups, business management, business development, and quality systems.

As a pureblooded entrepreneur, he has developed over half a dozen startups globally. He is very passionate about meeting customer needs and requirements. Jason tackles each challenge with a humble outlook and an effective plan of action.

His passions in the business field blend seamlessly with his family life, including his lifelong companion, best friend, and wife along with three children. His favorite quote is “Your “I CAN” is more important than your IQ,” and “Victims make excuses. Leaders deliver results” by Robin Sharma.

Vice President

Romeena Rampersaud

Romeena has worked with and promoted us since our launch, and plays a critical role in making crucial financial decisions. A stabilizing force, she has worked in many different departments at POWERsonic. These include production, shipping/receiving, delivery, purchasing, sales, and finance.

With six years of banking/customer service experience and nearly 20 years of industry experience, Romeena has become an outstanding resource for us. Her polite demeanor and winning smile have made her a well-liked and respected member of our executive team. She is a caring wife and mother of three children living with her equally ambitious husband in Caledon, Ontario.

Vice President of Sales

Damir Matesic

Damir joined Powersonic Canada in 2014 as our national sales manager. In 2019, he became our Vice President of Sales. Damir has produced fantastic results within our industry with a penchant for technology and his desire for continual growth. His 20 years of experience in electrical systems, wire harness connectivity, and control sales complement his friendly demeanor, thus allowing him to become an integral part of our team.

With a confident leadership focussing on outstanding customer service, Damir is excellent at building relationships with companies across the globe. He is married with one child and lives in Ontario, Canada.

General Manager

Toni Atallah

In 2017, Toni joined Powersonic Canada as a QA Specialist. After a short while, however, his dedication and intelligence quickly became evident. In 2018 Toni was assigned AGM with a focus on accounting, quality, and HR. In June 2019, Toni was appointed General Manager at Powersonic HQ along with a global mandate that focuses on finance and quality.

Toni holds a BA in finance and an MBA in accounting and auditing from Sagesse University in Beirut. He brings with him over six years of expertise in managerial accounting, strategic management, and quality systems. He is also an ISO certified lead auditor.

A resourceful professional, his primary focus at the company is EBITDA growth, operational excellence, and financial stability. Some of Toni’s greatest assets are his ability to put customers first and the ability to intelligently balance between risk and opportunity by interpreting and applying data.

Director of Sales and Marketing

Zane Rampersaud

Zane started in operations at our USA location in 2012. As a high schooler, he worked for several years on and off with Powersonic Canada. Learning the business from the ground up, Zane was involved in the founding of Powersonic India and China. He attended Humber College in Ontario for business and completed almost two years. He decided to leave and jump on board with our USA operations when he had the chance.

In 2020, Zane was announced as the Director of Sales and Marketing for North America.

As a young entrepreneur, Zane has built himself up with many successful milestones thus far. He has given himself a courageous head start into leading a global company. He enjoys reading and attended several Dale Carnegie management and leadership courses to develop his business mindset and creativity.

Plant Manager

Anthony Castleman

Anthony joined our USA location in 2017 as production manager, and within a year he became our Plant Manager. Anthony has 20 years of experience in electrical technology, along with with 12 years of leadership and managerial experience in the field.

In his time with us, he has helped raise efficiency and productivity, allowing the location to grow while continuing to deliver a quality product.

A prime example is the implementation of a barcoding system at each workstation to track each work order from start to finish. This improvement has been instrumental in time tracking, allowing us to uncover potential deficiencies in each process.

Outside of work, Anthony is married with three children. The quote that best summarizes his ideals is “Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems.”

Director of Operations, Slovakia

Rob Stevens

Rob Stevens is the head of Powersonic’s European manufacturing operation and is an all-around savvy business professional with 20+ years of diverse experience. 

His areas of expertise include computers, manufacturing, logistics, and human resources. He strives to keep a balance between providing the best possible service to our customers, expanding our reputation, and keeping track of our internal goals. He speaks fluent Dutch, Slovak, English, and German. Rob loves traveling, meeting new people, and being challenged.

He is married and has one son. He resides in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. His favourite quote is “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious” – Albert Einstein

Director of Operations, China

Jay Sun

Jay Sun has been an integral part of our Chinese facility from the start, serving as a dedicated Director of Operations. With a B.A. in Business/Managerial Economics from Brock University in Canada and a global experience starting at Powersonic, Jay has begun to establish a substantial footprint within the industry.

He excels in paying attention to details and is dedicated to meeting demands and decisively carrying out his decisions.

Executive Director Global Projects

Rakesh Razdan

Rakesh is the Executive Director of Global Projects. He is specialized and passionate in leadership through cross-functional team management and organizational alignment.

He has held leadership positions in operations, business development, and new product development globally with 20+ years of management experience. He is a dual Canadian and Indian citizen with extensive experience in both countries and the ability to bridge cultural gaps.

He is an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University and a BE, Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology. He is motivated to learn and embrace new technologies. He loves reading and traveling. He is married with one child and lives in Toronto, Canada.



As a result of our relationship with our supply chain partners, POWERsonic’s customers have access to components from top quality suppliers with a range of devices in every product category. All products are CSA/UL approved; we also carry CE approved products for European applications. Regardless of the size of the project, we have the facility to facilitate all customer needs.