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Back Panel Layout and Wire Routing Solutions

BACK PANEL LAYOUT and Wire Routing Solution.

Powersonic now offers electrical panel component layout and wiring solutions from Satie Systems. The electrical panel frame that meets all your needs The basic idea is quite simple : assemble electrical panel frames using an innovative “snap-in” system, entirely eliminating the need for labour-intensive operations such as tracing, cutting, drilling or tapping.

This high-performance system was patented in 1997. It simplifies wiring, maximizes space and offers a range of concrete advantages that will generate savings at each stage of production.

This innovative system :

  • Saves space
  • Saves time
  • Saves Energy
  • and offers optimal accessibility

With the Proclip® range, Powersonic can offer you complete turnaround service from design to the delivery of the assembled frame in record time and at very attractive prices.


Using technology we can provide complete wire bundles for all panel and switchboard wiring.

Production in round or sequenced bundles, exactly cut to length, and provided with core end sleeves or other contacts. All ends are marked and crimped with ferrules or terminals as per customer specification.

Satie Back panel and wire bundles combination result in the most cost effective solution for the panel and switchboard industry.

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