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Manufacturing Services

Powersonic provide various contract manufacturing services according to our customer needs. Our scope includes electronic, electrical, wireless connectivity and controls. Prototype design, test and build. We will provide any solution that meets the highest standard in the industry. You need it we can do it.


Its our goal to make out customer happy using high quality standards that meets current industries requirements. We manufacture a wide range of custom assemblies, some of which includes

  • Electrical cable & wire harnesses
  • Electro-mechanical assemblies
  • Battery and power supply assemblies
  • Alarm, Surveillance and Security control harness
  • Control and panel wiring assemblies
  • Robotic controls and panel assemblies
  • Industrial Wiring Harnesses
  • Medical Equipment Cable and Harnesses
  • Custom Video & Audio Harnesses
  • Passive component to wire applications
  • Switch to wire applications
  • Hot Runner Connectivity Solutions
  • Over Molded Assemblies.
  • Injection Molding & Assemblies
  • Electronic Assemblies
  • RF Assemblies
  • Rectangular & Circular Amphenol Assemblies. (AECL)

– And many more…please contact us.

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