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| Jason Rampersaud | President/CEO – Global Operations |

Jason is President/CEO of Powersonic Industries Inc. specializing in providing electrical/electronic, control, signal and power connectivity solutions since 1998. He has professional training in Environmental Health Science, Military Science and later Management. Operating as a self trainer Jason is a technology buff and is permanently enrolled in the school of Continuous Improvement. His specialties includes entrepreneurship, new startup, business management, business development and quality systems. As a pure blood entrepreneur, Jason has developed over half a dozen start ups globally and is passionate about meeting customer needs and requirements. Jason tackles every challenge with a humble outreach, and effective game play. His passions in the business field transcend seamlessly with his family life including his life long companion, best friend and wife along with three children. His favourite quote is  “Your “I CAN” is more important than your IQ”  and “Victims make excuses. Leaders deliver results” By Robin Sharma.

| Romeena Rampersaud | VP Finance – Global Operations |

Romeena has worked with and promoted Powersonic leading to it’s launch, and plays a well dedicated role in making key financial decisions today. She has been a stabilizing Powersonic force from the beginning working in and with many different departments such as production, shipping/receiving, delivery, purchasing, sales and finance. Using her 6 years prior banking/customer service experience and almost 20 years of in the industry and on the job experience, Romeena has become and is a resource monument at Powersonic. Her easy going, polite and winning smile has made her a likeable and respected member of the Powersonic executive team. She is a caring wife and mother of 3 children living with her equally ambitious husband in Caledon, Ontario.

| Zane Rampersaud | Director of Operations – USA |

Zane Rampersaud started Powersonic USA operation in 2012. Prior to that he worked for several years on and off with Powersonic Canada since he was a teen in high school, balancing school and work. He learned the business from bottom up, and was fortunate to be actively involved in the start up of Powersonic India and China. He attend Humber College in Ontario for business and completed almost 2 years but decided to leave and jump on board with our USA operations when he had the chance. As a young entrepreneur, Zane has built himself from the ground up with many successful milestones thus far and giving himself a courageous head start into leading a global company. He loves reading and attended several Dale Carnage management and leadership courses to constantly flourish his business mindset and creativity.

| Damir Matesic | National Sales Manager – Canada |

Damir joined Powersonic Canada in 2014 as National sales manager. Technology driven, and constantly expanding his horizon, Damir Matesic has proven himself to produce amazing results within our industry. His 20 years experience in electrical systems, wire harness connectivity and control sales have driven his likeable vibes seamlessly into Powersonic’s team. With outstanding customer service across the board, he leads with confidence and constantly builds on excellent relationships with other companies globally. Damir is married with one child and lives Ontario Canada.

| Ron Eyer | National Sales Manager – USA |

Ron Eyer join Powersonic USA team in 2015 as National Sales Manager USA/Mexico. With almost 20 years of high level B2B sales and management experience Ron has been a excellent and much needed addition to our team in the USA. He thrives on yielding outstanding results using his extensive knowledge working with both OEM’s and distributers. With his substantial expertise in developing and maintaining long term relationships, our US location has thrived with significant growth in sales the past few years. His well versed global business culture and etiquette has gained him a sense of comfort within the industry. Ron is married with one child and resides in Cincinnati Ohio.

| Ravi Shanker | Director of Operations – India |

Ravi Shankar is Director of Operations for Powersonic India for the last 7 years. He started as a young engineer with us in 2008 and quickly moved up the ranks. Ravi has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Anna University and MBA from Bharathiyar University. Under his leadership Powersonic India has experience high double and triple digit growth over the last 4 years. His goal is to make Powersonic India one of the leader in wire harnesses, cable assemblies and control solutions for the Indian market. Ravi is married  and has been blessed with a twin (boy and girl) in Coimbatore India. His role model is our President Mr. Jason Rampersaud. His favourite quote is ” Lead Without a Title “

| Wiljan Maas | Director of Operations – Netherlands |

Wiljan Maas is Powersonic Director of Sale for Europe working from his Netherlands office but travels across most of Europe visiting clients. He has 20+ years of technical knowledge and experience in the connectivity (connector and wire) space, as Business Development, Technical Sales Development and Management. His experience complements his possessing valuable insights, keen analysis and team approach to implement the best practices. He speaks fluent Dutch, German and English. Wiljan is married with three daughters and resides in Maastricht, Netherlands.

| Jay Sun | Director of Operations – China |

Jay Sun has held our Chinese facility together from the start, as a dedicated Director of Operations. With international educational background from Brock University in Canada graduating with a B.A. in Business/Managerial Economics and Philosophy, to a global experience starting at Powersonic Industries, Jay has began his global footprint very strong within the industry. Working at Powersonic Industries, he has paid attention to details, been strict in one’s demands and carries out strong executions.

| Rob Stevens | Director of Operations – Slovakia |

Rob Stevens is the head of Powersonic’s European manufacturing operation and is an all-round savvy business professional with 20+ years of diverse experience in computers, manufacturing, logistics and human resources. He strives to keep balance between providing the best possible service to our customers and expanding our reputation, while at the same time keeping track of our internal goals. He speaks fluent Dutch, Slovak, English and German. Rob loves travelling, meeting new people and to be challenged. He is married, has one son and resides in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. His favourite quote is “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious” – Albert Einstein

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