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POWERsonic 3R:

RESPECT: Peers, Suppliers, Customer and Humanity.

RELIABILITY: Be “known” for always providing a technical, affordable and quality solution.

RESPONSIBILITY: For completing tasks, meeting targets, processes, procedures and fostering a healthy community and environment.

Harnessing  POWERsonic 3R as our core ideology Powersonic aspires to be a global leader in the wire, cable, connector and circuit connectivity solution space. Our scope includes all manufacturing verticals for all industrial, commercial and service sectors.



  • Be creative and Innovative
  • Be Respectful
  • Be equanimous-calm under pressure
  • Admit when you are wrong
  • Balance/Steady/Fairness
  • Honesty & Transparency
  • Fearless-Action in the face of fear
  • Fixing problems, even if they’re not yours
  • An eye for detail
  • Believe in you and your team
  • Intuition and wisdom trump
  • Attentiveness/Mindfulness



POWERsonic delivering @ high speeds Innovative and Flexible Value Added Manufacturing Solutions and Components.

Our Core is Power and signal circuit connectivity and control.

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